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Hey guys. I'm pretty new to this stuff and am planning on modding a mic to my AD700's this weekend. I want to run a single cable to the headphones so I need a 4 channel cable right? What would be a good cable for me to get? (preferably one I can buy on amazon.com)

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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you'd need a 6 channel cable for that (L+. L-. R+, R-, Mic+, Mic-).


You might be able to get away with 4, but I'm not sure.

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Picture thread!

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Originally Posted by FraGGleR View Post

Picture thread!

where... eek.gifbiggrin.gif

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First diy recabling I tried to do, learned a bit by trying it. Results were not like I expected but I'm glad I tried this.

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Originally Posted by lawrywild View Post

What wire is that?

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Originally Posted by HolyCheese View Post

What wire is that?

Toxic Cables 24awg

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Nothing special from me, just the start of a speaker cable, I need to make 2x


-Nakamichi Banana Plug

-Rean RCA Jack


-Cardas Quad 

-Rosin Flux 

-Black Paracord 



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So planning on attending a meet, I made a balanced cable for my Q701's.


I don't have a balanced amp, so I actually have no idea how it will sound lol




22 AWG Stranded Silver Plated Wire from some dude on Ebay (lol)

Radioshack 3-pin XLR's (lol again, didn't wanna have to order them)

1/4" TechFlex

Switchcraft Mini 4-pin XLR

about 4 ft long (5 ft without litz)




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Nice Dutch.


Those large 3 Pin XLR's from your pictures makes them look like copper color.


Your heat-shrink coming out of the mini-XLR is pretty long, you should of used 3 layers and gone 40% shorter.

Doesn't really matter too much though! As long as it works!




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Nice, the braid could have been continued down to the Mini XLR better, it just tails off and looks odd. The shrink is a little long, nice job though man wink_face.gif

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The shrink is long because I have to cut off the techflex, Asia would fit into the XLr lol, I could have cut it shorter of course though. Idk y I made the braid end either haha
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I have an RCA Cable terminated with Neutrik and some Audioengine 14AWG wire in a quad litz braid.

Pretty thick, but works nicely.


If anyone would like it for FREE (Shipping Ex.) let me know.


I upgraded my Subwoofer RCA Cable, and i won't be needing this anymore.



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Here's my ATH-ESW9 recable with silver stranded wire I did last week.... the paracord was a b*tch to work with for a first timer, but I still think it came out pretty nice. Plugs were from Yew Audio.


Also, I had to melt the plastic on the cups where the cable goes in with my soldering iron a tiny bit, because the cord wouldn't fit otherwise, lol


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