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Upgrade from Beyerdynamic DT770 pro 250ohm

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Hey everyone. I started out on ATH-m50s and moved on to Beyerdynamic DT770 Pros 250ohm and am now looking for an upgrade. I like the bass of both headphones and would like my next pair to be bassy as well. I'm open to open back or closed back. I currently only have a Fiio e11 amp but am open to getting a new one to drive the new headphones I will get. I mainly listen to EDM. Open to any price range really up to $500. I'm not a complete audiophile so if the difference between $300 and $500 cans is very minor I may not be able to notice it. However, I do want to experience a different sound just as I have from my ATH-m50s vs DT770s. For some comparison I enjoy the sound of the DT770s > ATH-m50s.


Any recommendations would be great. The only brands I had in mind that I was curious to try were maybe some AKGs (Q701s maybe?) or some Sennheiser HDs. I'm not sure if some of these will be actual upgrades or side-grades though. I'm also open to any other brands. When I was looking for cans after my ATH-m50s I had never heard of Beyerdynamic but I now love them. I was also considering some HiFimans but wasn't sure which was the best for my tastes and value.

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If you don't mind open back or closed back, I'd stick to open back. As far as open back's go, the Sennheiser HD 598's are a definite upgrade from your current headphones at only $180. But they do have a natural sound, not overly bass-y at all. Lets set down the rules though. Open back headphones mimic a real room. They make you hear sounds coming from different directions. However since EDM never really was in a real room, open back headphones won't do anything special for them. So you may prefer closed back, because you get portability as well. That being said, I think you should get a pair of V-Moda M100's. They are $300, closed back, built like a tank, and amazing for EDM. They look really stylish and are more portable than your previous headphones. They have a detachable cord, replaceable shields, and even have that bass that you want. Go for it. You won't be disappointed. 





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