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For Sale:
Mid/hifi sale and clearance (Earsonics/ Etymotic/Fischer etc.)

Will Ship To: US/Canada

Selling a few IEM's that are gathering dust.  Prices Include shipping/fees (Canada $15 Extra and payable in US funds please) :

No international sales (sorry)!


Earsonics SM3 (MK2)- These work BUT, they've got a buzz in the right earpiece like something is loose ( my suspicion is the armatures have come loose from the shell, perfect for customs)  , it does not affect sound, no box, no tips, just case and IEMS as is. $175


Earsonics SM64Perfect, box included and all accessories (will trade for a Noble 4 or Heir $385 ($360 gifted) Sold!


Hisoundaudio Crystal- Complete +Box $40


Sunrise Audio- Xcape IE- $50, complete, like new


Vsonic Vsd1s- perfect, box included $35


MEElec A161P- New in box, $50 SOLD!


Fischer Audio DBA-02 (MK I)- Box included, I think these are complete. Great, just don't get used, some unraveling of braided cable, silk screen on drivers worn away.$85, 


Audio Technica- Im50- like new, just not what I was looking for, $75 SOLD!


Etymotic Hf3- warranty replacement, cobalt like new, box and a few tips $80  SOLD!


Paypal please. Confirmed addresses only.Others probably to be added as well

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