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Looking for neutral, non-fatiguing IEMs.

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Hi everyone, this is my first post here although I have become somewhat familiar with this site from looking at a few reviews on here.

My budget is around £350 for the IEMs, although I'm willing to stretch it a bit. I will be listening mostly to CD quality music through Amarra HiFi or an iPhone 4. I have a Hippo CriCri+ but am willing to upgrade to something portable under £250.


I don't want to lose clarity or energy in the bass, guitar or drums but don't want an exaggerated treble or recessed mids. Don't want vocals to get in the way of other instruments. I find the GR07 I own too treble heavy for my liking. I also would like something with a removable cable.


I listen mostly to progressive rock, extreme metal and RIO. Here are a few bands/artists to give you an idea: The Mars Volta, King Crimson, Opeth, Henry Cow, Don Caballero, John Coltrane, Camel, Kayo Dot, Deathspell Omega, PFM, Genesis, Voivod.


I've been looking at the 4r/w40 (don't know how different these two are in terms of sound), SM64 and the StageDiver 2.

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Have you heard the bass edition of the vsonic. It has a slight sub bass tilt and is a good all rounder. I've had both and now like the gr07be best. I was also impressed with how the BE scaled with a better dap. I went with the dx50 and this is a very good combo. 


The other suggestion would be the hifiman re400. Although it's under budget it seems to fit your criteria. 

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The bass edition seems to be too v shaped for my liking and from reviews I have read, doesn't fix the issue I had of the treble overshadowing the mids.

I was looking to upgrade from a pair of RE400s which struggle to bring clarity and detail to more densely layered songs and was looking at a lot of lower priced IEMs like the e-q5, ER4PT and TDK BA200.

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im going to end up selling my se425's for something... maybe i'll look into some these you guys have suggested

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I find the Meelectronic A161p quite neutral with a slightly rolled off treble.  It has excellent clarity and punchy bass with excellent bass extension.  Only problem I have with it is the limited soundstage.  I'm not sure if that's really an upgrade up the RE-400.

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Stagediver-2. Research it. You will be satisfied!
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I have heard of some fit issues some people have had with the SD2 and am not sure whether I should get the small size or not. My ears are about 5.5 cm down and 3 cm across.

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Go with small, if you know u don't have big ears.
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Fit is critical of course. Usually finding the right tips with solve this problem but not always. It took the adjustable nozzles of the vsonic before I had the perfect fit. 

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