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Sennheiser Headband Pad Mod

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Sennheiser Pad Mod


What you need

  • thin, hard plastic sheet (I used a table mat)
  • some soft foam
  • thin lambskin or any covering material you prefer
  • some (leather) glue



My pad is made of very thin and high-quality lambskin.




Now here we go:

After you have unmounted one of the cups, you can remove the old pad. Mine was completely ruined, so I had to get rid of it.

Cut a strip of very thin plastic (24x180mm), on which you will have to glue the finished pad. Then cut another plastic strip, slightly smaller than the first one (180x17mm), plus a piece of soft foam (padding) of the same size.



Glue the foam on the smaller plastic strip


Cut a fitting piece of leather.


Glue the leather on your pad. I did not glue the leather on the foam to avoid any hardening. Instead, I kind of wrapped the pad in leather and glued the ends on the underside (hard plastic).


Proceed with the ends like shown in the pics below. I am sure you can end up with nicer glueing results. Just did this very quickly. Anyway, you will not see the underside when the pads are mounted, so I felt there was no need to fiddle about this part.





The pad has been finished, now you just have to glue it on the larger plastic strip.



The pad is now ready for mounting. When doing so, make sure that you slide the plastic into the upper notch of the headband. The notch below is for the cup slider.


Et voila ...




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Fantastic !!  I have been contemplating this for a while now but just couldn't visualize everything I would need. Now that I see your method, I am totally gonna try it.  Thanks for the info.!!


Any idea if this can be done with other models?  In particular, the HD 500 series?

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This is a GREAT mod.. Love the look and feel of leather. I used hot melt glue.
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Very nice mod!

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Originally Posted by kramer5150 View Post

This is a GREAT mod.. Love the look and feel of leather. I used hot melt glue.


A true stealth Senn! Yeah, I think the leather adds some class to the HD580/6XX series.

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Better pic...

I did mine using really soft calf-glove leather, but thicker than the OPs.  It makes the corners of the pad bunch up as they are folded over, you have to trim it just right, and pull it snug to minimize the affect.


Its a really low $$ mod.  I did the whole thing for $8, with enough plastic sheet to do 9-10 more.  I'll probably re-do it with thiner leather at some point.


Heres a better pic this time.  You really don't need that much glue, just a thin bead and press it firm.  I used too much glue on certain spots and it resulted in some uneven edges.  Its soft non rigid materials though so you can kind of massage out most of the bumps and irregularities.



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These pads sure are nice and - in case you use fine leather - classy looking , aren't they? They remind me of the pads on the Orpheus.

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I'm a retiree whose DIY skills have sadly dissipated with the years.  I'd love to have these nice memory foam leather custom headbands for my HD580 and HD600.  Anyone willing to fabricate them for me stateside?  Please PM me with prices.


Thank you!

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