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KEF M200 vs Sennheiser IE80?

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Hello everyone! 


First I would like to say that I have been a visitor of this site for over a year now but finally signed up just recently. I have enjoyed reading reviews and tips from some of the users here.


I need help deciding between the KEF M200's or the Sennheiser IE 80's.


I will start off by saying that I was going to purchase the ie80's but for some reason Best Buy stopped carrying them for a while. So instead I went with the M200's. I freaking loved them. They were the best IEM's I have ever owned but sadly I returned them to use the money to finish a gaming pc and because they had driver flex.  I was going to repurchase a new pair but I saw that the ie80's had returned to best buy's selection. So now I am mixed.


I have read through most of the KEF Appreciation thread and searched it for a direct comparison between the ie80 and m200. I could not find any. 


I know the prices are different but I do get a discount as I am a best buy employee. Do the Sennheisers have any major advantages over the KEFs two drivers? Is the bass similar? I am new to higher end iems and found the bass on the m200's to be superb. I have read the ie80's have too much bass but I suppose I am a little of a basshead so that shouldn't be an issue. Also I while the sound was excellent I found the m200's to be a little quiet. Am I disgracing either of these iems without using an amp like the fiio e6?


I am always listening to lossless music from an iphone 5 and spotify premium. My musical taste is varied but I primarily listen to movie/video game soundtracks. I have my fair share of electronic and classical music too. 



Thank You so much for any help. 

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Surely you can get them and return them if you don't like them?

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Yes I could return them. I was just wondering if the ie80's are worth the difference in price. I just wanted opinions before I order anything because they take about a week or week and a half to get in.

Also not to mention that best buy doesnt just slap an open box sticker on my returned pair they get taken through a long and terrible process and the regional warehouse and...well I feel bad doing that to either pair lol.

I wonder how these sound for gaming...
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So I took the bait and went with the ie80's. I also recently switch to a galaxy s5. After using these for about a week I  am still unsure. They sound great and I have barely adjusted the bass screws(lol im afraid ill twist to hard or something). However I can't be sure that they sound better than the kef m200's. 


Perhaps I haven't burned these in long enough. Perhaps I am biased to the kef's since they were my first high end iem. I am not sure. I remember the bass in the kef's was like the bass from a good over the ear. Maybe the two drivers in each ear just provided a totally different sound... 

Im gonna give these some more time and see if I can find some bigger tips.

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Personally I find downgrading is a lot more obvious than upgrading. If I move to something better I often don't notice immediate difference, but if after a few days I go back the difference is a lot clearer.

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