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For Sale: Shure 940 for sale

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For Sale:
Shure 940 for sale

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hello everyone,

I'm selling my Shure 940 in good condition. The Shure 940 provides a very neutral tone, slightly warm in the mid, and acceptable bass. If you want to hear real vocals and accurate sounding with music, nothing else just music because the music is so real and beautiful, they are the right headphones for you. If you are a basshead, mostly listen to hardcore, rap, hiphop...They do a decent job, not so bad, but i do not recommend them, you should look something else. Additional pro is they sound great and lound enough even unamped, save you some $$$ on amp/dac.

Another thing has to mention is the build quality, I'd say Shure make headphones with sound quality that follows through, above, and beyond all my expectations. However, the build quality is...hzzzz just slightly or as good as Beats (by that i mean in negative way).

The headphones has some blemishes on the earcups. It comes with a hard box and a straight cable. The price also includes shipping, paypal fee withthin US, overseas friends contact me for international shipping rates. If you have any questions regard of headphones, shoot me a pm.....happy purchasing.

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