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I had been using a set of Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5 Pro's for about 5 years I think.  I was on my 2nd cable and it was about to give out again and one of the cases had a crack and was coming apart.  I was thinking of finding a new pair because I really liked the sound of these, but then stumbled across the AlienEars remold service.  I was nervous about spending $200 on a pair of old ear buds, but this seemed like the most economical way of getting into the custom world of IEMs.  They did send me a kit to make my own molds, but I ultimately went to a local audiologist and for $60 they made me a nice set of molds.  I sent them off along with my old UE's and about a month later I got the result back. 


I couldn't be happier really.  They looked great, fit perfectly and sounded better than I remember them.  I opted for the clear ones as I didn't want them to look tacky.  I think they look pretty cool actually.  They came with a nice cable of course and a new case to keep them in.  The only small complaint was that it took a month, however they told me that up front so it was a surprise.  I guess they are busy!  Anyway, anyone thinking of doing this to save some money think about this.  I had about $300 in my original UEs, then $200 for the remold service, then I optionally spent $60 for the molds so I have $560 in these.  However since I already had $300 "invested", then the additional $260 works cause it's hard to find and maybe they don't really exist, a nice set of dual driver custom IEMs for less than $260. 


Anyway, thanks to AlienEars for breathing new life into my old "worn" Ultimate Ears.