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Weird static in earphones

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So i just got a new pair of earphones but i noticed that theres a very noticeable static noise coming from the earphones that i can hear when i have them in my ear, but not playing music, etc.


If i unplug the earphones but leave them in my ear, the noise dissapears. The same if i mute the volume control on my computer. The computer is only on volume 20.


Any idea what could be causing this? Or whether theres an official term for this static noise?


Forgot to mention : at high volume settings the static becomes much more noticeable. At 90 volume for example, i can hear it loud and clear.

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It may be because you have lots of interference happening between your soundcard and your headphones. Get a new soundcard or a DAC.

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Could be anything... computers are a haven for EMI/RFI.  Add wifi and cell phone signals to the mix of potential possibilities.


Does it go away when you turn off your wifi router, or move it far away from your computer?


Does the noise go away if you relocate your cell phone? 

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I agree with the other posters. Sounds like some kind of interference. And if you have headphones with a high sensitivity rating, that will make it even more obvious.

What make/model are your headphones?
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Im using DIY Yuin pk2s that i got off ebay.


The router is nowhere near me (i live in a college dorm)


Not sure about the cellphone thing but i moved it as far as i could...the static noise today is a lot quieter too i think....but i can still hear some of it.

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Definitely seems like the problem could be some kind of of electronic interference if it is varying from day to day.
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I think i spoke too soon. The moment i loaded a game, which made the CPU run faster, the static noise gets MUCH louder....

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Seems like you might need an external DAC/headphone amp
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