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So I thought doing some DIY stuff might be cool , for now I ordered a bunch of NP3X-B jacks from Neutrik (They should be here after some weeks) , since the HiFiMAN cable is "SILVER" I hope there will be nothing new when I rip the cables while Re-Jacking ?


Will also appreciate some tips , I have never touched a soldering iron or done any kind of physical modding before... so this is new for me , I'll obviously be getting all the required tools , I think self-learning is the best learning 

If this goes successful , I'll take up some more projects for which I spent more time than I should have thinking :P

For example putting a Rean XLR jack in the 880 like TrollDragon did , also making CNC or maybe Cast enclosures for some open-back mods , that should be cool 


I really want to get into DIY , thanks !

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