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I've been looking at closed, circumaural headphones in the 600-800SEK price range to use around the house and while outside. So far I've managed to narrow it down to three options available here (but not for testing, sadly, or I'd have gone to a store to check this out myself): The Citiscape Uptown, the Shure SRH440, and the Sennheiser HD449. The Uptowns are cheapest, followed by the Sennheisers, followed by the Shures, but they don't differ much in terms of price.


From all of the reviews and impressions I've read, they're all slightly brighter cans with good clarity, and I think I'd be satisfied with the sound quality on any of them. The question is rather which of these headphones win out on the other aspects of regular use.


How do you find the portability to be on these headphones, and how do they compare? For light commuting, use around the home and while walking around, are they comfortable and convenient? Do you find the cable to be too bulky/long/short, or is it just right (apparently the SRH440 has a bulky cable - is it much of a problem?) With the HD449, is it too heavy to have around your neck for long?


How is the build quality on these? From what I can see, the Uptowns win out in this regard, with a metal-based headstrap, good cushioning and solid headband sliders - the only problem being the cable. How do the HD449 and SRH440 compare to the Uptowns? Are they particularly plasticky, and is there anything that looks likely to break? I don't mind the exposed cable on the SRH440s much - the biggest concern I have when it comes to build is if it'll survive repeated knocks and drops.


How well do they hold up over long, multi-hour sessions? I imagine I'll have these on quite often while working for several hours at a time, playing music in the background at a medium volume to help me focus. It's important for me in that case that there is very little acoustic ear-strain over such long periods, and that they're comfortable to have on for so long - the Uptown are also apparently the most comfortable, but I haven't managed to find much by way of acoustic fatigue on any of these. Which ones are least tiring to listen to? I also find I'm fairly sensitive to harsh sibilances - I found the AKG K550 to be irksomely sibilant, as an example - so if you've noticed that in any of these cans, please point this out. As for pleather and ear warmth, I live in a fairly cool climate, so I don't know if that will be such a big problem.


If anyone with these cans could chime in, it would be a great help!

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