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As I kneeled down with my M5's in the other day, the cord went over my knee and caused the right earbud to pull out of my ear as I stood up. It no longer worked when I put it back in, to my disappointment. I've since torn them apart. Through continuity testing, I've isolated the problem to be inside the earbud itself. This surprised me, as one would think such an incident would cause an issue with the wiring, whether it be a solder joint or a full or partial break in the wire somewhere.

With my limited knowledge of speakers, I thought the only thing past the solder points at the earbuds was just a magnet and a copper coil. Could something really have happened to either here? Do any of you think it might be something fixable inside that would make it worth digging things out of the housing?

Obviously these things aren't worth enough to warrant all the effort, but I'm more curious than anything at this point. If I can get them working in the process of tinkering, of course that's always a plus.

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