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If they are the same price I would go for the HD650 as it has a more refined and detailed sound over the HD600.  If the HD600 is much cheaper go with it and save some cash.

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What do you mean by versatile? I've tried the HD 650 and have really like the tight bass but I have not tried the HD 600 so even though it's timbre from wat ppl say should suit my taste better I can't really risk it before trying it out myself. I did not really like the T90 even though they said it was bright and all, but I still love my HD 558.

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I meant it plays more genres well. The added bass on HD650 sometimes got in the way for me. I walked away respecting it, and I recommended it to a guy who enjoys it --my dad. But the greater neutrality of HD600 is more versatile for me. It can be hard to separate versatility from sound preferences.
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hmm interesting... I am rally tempted to get the HD 650 because of it's cheap price :P 

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