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They do seem to be a fair bit deeper; my ears contacted the bottom of the cup with the stock 940 pads, but don't with these.  As for texture, I can't really say you notice it any more than the 940's velour pads...  They don't have the same velvet-like texture of velour, but at the same time don't really feel quite as 'rough'... they're quite soft in my opinion, almost suede-like.  It feels like some sort of memory foam used in these pads, which you can feel start to warm up, but the interesting thing is that they never go past that - the stock pads I remember could get downright hot after a while, but these don't seem to have that problem, maybe because the fabric is perforated. 


I'll put up a decent picture of what they look like.

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Originally Posted by Claritas View Post

Hmm. I use 940 pads on my T50RP so I might try these (as Grizzly did on his MD Pro).

Are they deeper than 940 pads? They look textured; do you feel that against your ear?
I'm not sure how they will affect the sound but they are very comfy.
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Well, I lied a little about the 'decent' image quality part, but here's the best my LG G2 can muster 'till I get my Nikon back up here.


There's a stock 940 pad in the first image; you can tell that they're certainly a lot more plush and are a bit deeper... I haven't had them long enough to say anything about whether or not they flatten out over time.  If I remember correctly, this is actually the same material used on the Sennheiser HD800s... I've never seen one to verify that, so take it for what it's worth.


I personally love these things - best $40 I've ever spent.  Maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but they were certainly well worth it, at least in my opinion.  :) 

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Thanks guys. I cut the dust covers off the 940 pads to make them deep enough but that made the treble a little hot, which was fixed with a piece of transpore tape and felt. But I'll try the 1540 pads in a couple of weeks.
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TubeMagic D1-Plus came today.  I love it!


I think I'll let this thread die after this last update, but the above sentence pretty much sums things up.  After waiting a while for the USPS to kick themselves into gear, I got a wonderfully well packaged D1 in the mail around noon, and had it set up by about ten minutes later.


Straight out of the box, it almost sounded a bit harsh.  After listening for a couple hours, I think it started to burn in and the edge wore away, but what REALLY made a difference was simply taking off the cover and swapping the OPA2604 and whatever was stock OPAMP (Edit: Was an LF353N) used in the headphone amp circuit... I entirely plan to drop $30 on whatever the dual variant of the OPA637 is and move everything back to where it was intended to be, but back on topic, that swap really warmed things up to where I feel they should be.  On another interesting note, it seems to be unnaturally forgiving towards poorly sampled / low bitrate tracks... maybe this is just an outboard DAC thing that I've never experienced before, but I have a lot of very low quality mp3s that, while they aren't at the same level of their superior counterparts, do sound markedly better right now.


After burning it in for a day, I'm loving this little box.  Setup consisted of plugging in power, sticking a USB cord into my laptop, and hitting play.  Everything sounds so much more fluid and music now - I never realized just how much grain and noise this laptop was putting into everything.  Power-wise, it might be a bit excessive for a sensitive pair of cans like the 940s, but it's a very quiet unit.  I love looking over and seeing the warm glow of the tube through the top vents.  Everything seems to be of great quality for the money... I probably would've dropped some more money into a better volume control potentiometer, but it does its job just fine and has a nice feel to it overall  This is an outstanding DAC/Amp combo for the money, and I can easily see myself pairing it with a tube amplifier in the future should I ever get a pair of headphones that call for such.  I'm sure I will.  Maybe a Schiit Valhalla... I've always wanted one of those for no particular reason...




All that being said, I'll have to drop off a picture of my final setup for the moment until I end up with a pair of 1540s or something else (wood Audio Technicas, maybe) in the fall.  I'd have to say that for $40, the earpad replacement is the most important thing I've purchased, but I'm ecstatic with my new outboard DAC just the same.  Looking forward to reopening a thread just like this in a year when I still can't decide on my next purchase!  Also looking forward to getting myself to one of the upcoming Head-Fi meets once classes are out here at the University, and once work allows for it.  I'd love to see what else is out there!

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That's great news! Thanks for writing about the pads too. beerchug.gif
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