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Poll Results: What % of your listening is Desktop vs Portable? (click on ONE answer please)

Poll expired: Apr 22, 2014  
  • 22% (30)
    Desktop (100%)
  • 36% (49)
    Desktop (75%) & Portable (25%)
  • 18% (25)
    Desktop (50%) & Portable (50%)
  • 17% (24)
    Desktop (25%) & Portable (75%)
  • 5% (7)
    Portable (100%)
135 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by BillsonChang007 View Post

+1! 6.3mm = home
3.5mm = on the go smily_headphones1.gif


+1 Sennheiser HD 650 at home (without adapter)

     Etymotic ER-4P on the go

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I'm still a lurker, and have a lot on my mind, but I have really good friends who take care and help me through stuff. One such friend advised me of the poll.


So, I too have voted. My ID? TheOneInYellow.


Even though I don't think almost anything will replace my wonderful CEntrance HiFi-M8, I value competitors too, as this drives for better products, and affordability, too all. We are now, at this moment, living in a golden Renaissance era of headphone audio, so what iFi is doing is remarkable.

With that said, I voted 50/50, as that is how I wish to use such a device.


The Micro iDSD will not replace my CEntrance HiFi-M8, but can be a great compliment to it.


We are all so very lucky and fortunate, aren't we, Head-Fiers, to be part of an industry striving to create beautiful music reproduction systems that as many people as possible can be touched by and afford. <3

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Voted. ID: lalala6


Desktop (50%) & Portable (50%)

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I am using the iDSD Nano & iCAN Nano ! 

what you guys could consider to add in the iDSD Micro ~

- The Ability to use USB power or internal long battery life like the iCAN Nano . too many products need wall sockets :(

- The Critically Acclaimed 3D Holographic switch !

- Balanced capabilities

- Colour coding LED for Different Samples (like the iDSD) 

- Importantly a high end DAC chipset which is capable of bringing out the best out of the music , be it 44.1kHz or DSD

- Capability to play Double-rate DSD , Quad-rate DSD & Octa-rate DSD (that would be overkill)

- Pure Zero Jitter Technology

- Add some AMR technology into it ! ^^

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Originally Posted by iFi audio View Post





Bilson Chang007

Alex <bxxxx@yahoo.com>




Renato Bosque B <renato.b.bxxxx@gmail.com>

John 57






is alamakazam ?

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Put in my vote as well. Interesting on how the current tally is showing.

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I voted, desktop 100%.


ID: mol

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I voted portable, but it is really more of a transportable rig: a micro ICAN amp with external battery. The weather here in Arizona is hard to beat, and I mostly listen out on our patio. The battery allows me to just pick up my rig and walk outdoors with it.

I still would love to get a purifier for the very occasional times I listen through a DAC hooked up to my computer.

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I voted. 100% desktop



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Vote for 100% desktop
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Thank you for pointing out that you do not know the users who voted. I have voted cool.gif
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I voted 50/50
And id is HiFiRobot
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I voted. ID : abchead

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Originally Posted by alamakazam View Post


is alamakazam ?


Yes, you!


Sorry for the typo.

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Voted "Desktop 100%"


ID: tf1216

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