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I own a set of Sennheiser CX680 ear buds that I bought for working out and have been amazed at how good they sound with a standard iPod (.wav files) - and I own an HD800 so I have a solid reference.


I wanted to upgrade from the CX680 for portable listening, and the IE60 and IE80 seem like good candidates. Here in the US, the IE60 retails for about $250 and the IE80 for $450.


It is a significant price difference but the only technical difference seems to be the adjustable LF control on the ear bud.


I've searched some threads but haven't seen a good explanation of the sonic or significant technical differences (other than the LF control) between the two from someone who has owned or auditioned both.


Can anyone provide a user-based review of the differences between the IE60 and IE80?


Thanks for any guidance.