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This is ridiculous! HiFiman warranty service

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Hi All headfi fellow members, I am a user of HiFiman HE-500, when it approaches 1 year of use in Hong Kong, which have a fairly humid climate, the O ring at the pictured part is broken, and one of it was lost.




So initially I contacted the HiFiman service team here, which I suppose this should be not included in warranty service, and asked for the size of that part, so that I can find one to replace myself, then the journey for me to find out how ridiculous HiFiman service was..


I was immediately told by the CS team that this part have to be sent back to them for replacement, since the O ring size is not commonly available. So in a sad sense that both I have to stay away from this fantastic headphone for quite some time and that my wallet might not be so happy since I suppose these are counted as human error as what I usually encounter in electronic equipment warranty case:(. Another trouble is that my working time make me difficult to take the HP to DHL/Fedex to send it back to HiFiman, so after some searching I found that the local dealer here in HK, DMA audio could help me to send it back to HiFiman.


As such, I took only my HE-500 without any accessory as I was told by the CS team and take it back to the dealer. Now, after slightly more than a month of waiting, I was told that my HE-500 was back:). Thus, I immediately grab my wallet and go to the dealer, prepared to get back my phone with the O ring replaced, and pay the workmanship charge on that. after I finally arrived the store, I was really shocked about how ridiculous it is!!:basshead: 


The store staff took out.... A BRAND NEW HE-500!!!!! including all the cables, spare pads etc. and FREE OF CHARGE. I've never seen any electronic equipment offer such a generous warranty:beerchug: you know, normally you will get is only re-fab motherboard with rust on heatsink, phones with use-mark etc... and to be honest, most Hong Kong people have more or less a concept that Chinese brands usually offer good value, but rarely great customer service, not to say this level of generous service to such a reputationless individual like myself, since most likely I can't purchase every hi end offer they give, nor bring a ton of future customer to them.


this is the end of my short experience, and as you can see I am really shocked by how they treat my case here and thus decided to post here and thank HiFiman for their service quality. Cheers

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Thanks for sharing this!


Normally I prefer made in the USA equipment from small but reputable manufacturers.  HiFiman is clearly an exception to this for me, and I look forward to buying more of their gear in the future.  Glad to read that my attitude towards them is justified.

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It's always great to see a company going the extra distance to keep its customers happy.

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