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For Sale: FS JRiver MC19 for PC Full License

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For Sale:
FS JRiver MC19 for PC Full License

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Not too long ago, I purchased a full copy of JRiver MC19 for PC, but my wife decided she wants a Mac. So now I'm moving all my stuff over to Mac, but JRiver does not provide a discount if you've purchased a license for one OS and are migrating over to another. So, frustrated in having to pay another $50 for software I just bought, I decided I'll just sell my PC license. Here's what you'll get:


1. I will give you my original proof of purchase email with registration code

2. I will change the username/email and password to your email and temporary password (for you to change later)

3. I will completely remove JRiver MC19 my from my PC.


You'll then have to download JRiver MC19 from their site and enter the registration code. This is will give you a fully licensed version of JRiver MC19 for PC. 


Original price $49.98. Asking price $25. No shipping is necessary, but paypal fee is extra.



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Are you still interested in selling this license?

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