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I'm looking for a way build a hidden ear bud. I want a portable Amp that will be strong enough to let me hear sound enough to distinguish words. No high quality music or anything like that.


I don't want to blow a ton of money on something that might not work well, but I also don't want to buy 2 amp because the first one wasn't quite enough.


I clearly don't know much at all but I was looking at the FiiO E11 for $60.


I know it will likely be hard for anyone to even make a guess as to how much power I need for this because you haven't done anything similar.







Here is the site if your care:



The in ear magnets that I want to use are :


1 = Standard Magnets      20£

2 = "Amplified" Magnets   30£


Amplified cost 12$ more and I'm not sure if that is even near worth it.


They sure are expensive, but I don't really have another choice.






I want the most power per dollar out of a portable amp. Any feedback/comment is greatly appreciated.






PS: I want to use an iPod shuffle for the recordings if that matters.