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For Sale: Very rare matching pair of NOS USAF 596 rectifiers

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$400 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Very rare matching pair of NOS USAF 596 rectifiers

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale is a pair of unique NOS USAF 596 rectifier tubes in top condition (check the pics) from February 1957.


Those who have been following me know I have sold over 40 of these tubes to headfiers already over the last few years but all the stocks world wide are gone. I got hold of this pair by coincidence from a German guy who didn't get to building an amp for them.


I don't need them myself anymore so I'm putting them up for sale. I have a perfect trading record and those who have bought from me in the group buys can also vouch for me.


This is the very last pair I will be selling of these beautiful 596 tubes, I will no longer be looking for new pairs, I give up on finding a new stock.

Price is $400 USD. Shipping and PP fee is on you. Tubes are in Europe but I will ship anywhere.


Thanks for looking. Pm me if you have questions

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First and last bump for now, it will go to storage if no one wants this pair (which is pretty surprising)

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I'm sure there are many people who are interested but not for such price
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Nice rare tubes, they don't come in pair and matched often. Good luck for the sale.

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thank you, they will be going to storage at the end of the week though

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Available for a few days

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Are you willing to split up the pair?
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Thanks for the message but I don't see the point of splitting up a matching pair? ;)

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You are wrong because i , for example also interested in just one tube since Decware CSP needs only one
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well if you both want one, that's fine for me!

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