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For Sale: Musiland Monitor 02 US USB Sound Card - Perfect Condition

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For Sale:
Musiland Monitor 02 US USB Sound Card - Perfect Condition

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Musiland Monitor02 US sound card is an USB interface sound card designed for music enthusiasts’ appreciation of high-quality music and digital signal output. The product adopts Hi-Fi chipsets independently developed by MUSILAND Audio Labs, along with TI’s high-performance D/A conversion chip and high-efficiency operational amplifier to provide high fidelity and high-speed audio processing.
•Advanced chipset architecture
Adopting MUSILAND Audio Labs independently developed Hi-Fi chipsets, which are composed by ICU (I/O control unit) MU1010 and APU (Audio processor unit) MU6010, the structure resembles the north bridge and south bridge of the chipset architecture on a mainboard that enables ICU and APU to communicate via high-speed parallel bus.
Applying DSP implementation, MU1010 supports a real USB 2.0 high-speed transfer which reaches instantaneous transmission of 480Mbps. Working with MUSILAND’s dedicated drive, it supports two-way transmission of 16-channel raw data to be proceeded by the APU via high-speed parallel bus. High-speed cache and multilayer machine processing mechanism for state enables MU1010 to acquire a system priority equivalent to that of PCI equipments, bringing genuine real-time quality to high-speed USB transmission.
MU6010 applies general field programmable gate arrays(FPGA) implementation. It supports genuine 24Bit audio data processing which reaches a sample rate as high as 768KHz. Loaded with professional clock synthesis algorithm to revert audio files via audio clock generated by the DCM inside APU, it creates harmonic distortion that is close to the limit of human hearing. The integrated precision S/PDIF transmitter is capable of popular digital signal output such as PCM, Dolby Digital and DTS. Drived by precision clock, the S/PDIF transmitter has a very low jitter of signal output, which perfectly meets the precision of the test equipments in an audio lab.
•Practical interfaces
Monitor02 US is provided with high-quality stereo line-out, headphone output, optical output and RCA coaxial output interfaces.
The card comes with two sets of independent headphone output interfaces, adopting different driver circuit designs to connect to headphones and earplugs with various impedance and sensibility for personal music appreciation.
Monitor02 US sound card, with its high-quality optical digital interface, is able to present pure stereo PCM coded signal and multi-channel format Dolby Digital(AC-3), DTS digital signal. It can give you even better effects in music appreciation when connected to advanced external audio decoder, or bring you surround sound effects while watching DVD video bywhen connected to AV Mmedia system with decoding function that makes you personally on the scene you can enjoy theater effect freely and relaxedly.
Furthermore,it can work with MD equipments to transcribe digital music.
Monitor02 US sound card’s digital output, which supports MMDI interface, can be seamlessly connected to MUSILAND decoders.
Its AC power adopts ultra-wide voltage adaptation. The input specification with a range of
AC85~265V can adapt to global voltages.
•High-quality audio features
Monitor02 US sound card supports a maximum audio processing of 24Bit/192KHz and adopts D/A conversion chip with SNR and dynamic range as high as 113dB to provide HI-FI sound effect of analog output.
Adopting high-precision power supply module and multi-stage filter circuit processing, the product is provided with pure power supply.
Musiland’s exclusive balanced analog filter amplifier circuit, along with enthusiast-level operational amplifier and capacitor parts, will present you with most musical audio effects.
The two sets of headphone output adopting different drive circuits, one of which applies high current output circuit, are provided with high-output swing and high current output to more flexibly drive headphones of various impedance and sensibility.
Monitor02 US sound card’s digital output adopts high-speed high-current buffer processing which drives special optical transmitter head and coaxial interface to enhance maximum transmission quality of digital signal.
Monitor02 US sound card also supports ASIO to provide ultra-low latency audio.
•Flexible software supports
With the installation of the specific drivers developed by the Musiland, the product can perfectly support ASIO and WDM as well as mainstream operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows7, etc.
Monitor02 US will bring you even better audio performance with the continuous optimization and update by Musiland.
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cut price by $40, pick it up fast!

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price lowered, now 29$

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Sent a PM. Thanks.

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PM Sent.

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