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Headphones for office

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I just started a new job and the flirt plan is completely open with everyone sitting out together. I had a pair of open style over ears but felt uncomfortable using them knowing they leaked sound like crazy. I also have a pair of etymotic er-4p but it gets tiring to wear them for long periods. I'd like to get a pair of over ears that sound good and don't leak too badly but are comfortable

Preferences in order of importance:
1) Comfort. I'm a male but my head is not super big big I'd prefer they not weigh a ton or make my ears sweaty/hot. I've tended to find velour pads more comfortable for that reason even if they are less isolating
2) not too much sound leakage. They don't have to seal completely but not a purely open design that leaks everything
3) sound quality. This is below the other two since I still have my er-4p but I can't bear something bad
4) not too hard to drive. I have a fiio amp but would also like to be able to use them with an iphone directly occasionally, if possible.
5) it would be great if they had an inline mix so I could also use them as a headset for phone calls.

Price is flexible but ideally under $250 street price.

I saw the Sennheiser Momentums but found the ear cups a little small when I tried them I but they are still a contender. The small ear cups also made them feel like my ears might get hot.

What other suggestions do people have? Thanks.
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Check into the Soundmagic HP100. They have a fairly neutral sound signature.
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The AKG K551 have all you need and it have an inline remote. May we know which FiiO amp you own?

Hope it helps
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