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Questions about Fiio X3

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I have been using the iAudio X5L media player for quite some years now. It is about 6 years old. For a few months I have been using the line out on it and strapping it to the Fiio E11. The line out of in seems to be loosing one channel a lot of the time so I have some things to ask about the Fiio X3. The main thing that I think I will like about the X3 is the fact that it isn't touch screen. I have never liked them. I also much prefer dials rather that buttons to control the volume. I am planning on strapping the E11 to this too if I get it. On my iAudio X5L, if I am using the line out, I can only control the volume by the E11 which is what I want. I always have the volume on the lowest possible on the X5L so the battery lasts longer. I am hoping that you can still use the sound effects like the EQ while using the line output on the Fiio X3.


If people know about the X3, I would like to know more about it.

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There's no reason to strap the E11 to the X3 since the amp in it is equivalent to the E17.

And yes. People know lots about the X3 :

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I will ask more on those threads. The only reason I like the E11 it because of its dial. It means I won't need to take the device out of my pocket to increase the volume as well as improving battery life. I am also much much more used to dials for the volume control.

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Better go with the x1 if you really want to use an external amp. It has line-out.


In due time there'll be a new version of the x3 with scroll weel and stuff as I remember.

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