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You might want to check out feedback on Creative's customers service. They ignored 3 emails I sent on which of their cards to reco for my computer, and when they did answer, they didn't answer the questions I asked. The computer card game is all over the place. The most consistent positive reviews are from the ASUS brand, and those aren't universally good. Good luck. The trouble with sound cards seems to come when people put them in themselves and then can't debug the problems. My computer guy will put mine in ( if I get up the courage to wade into the quagmire) for $30. Count on it, that is what I will do.  

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I have the same phones and love them. Email Schitt and ask them if the Maggi ($100) will work. I plan on getting their Asgar 2 ($249) which will.The 2 best prices I have seen on the DT990 Pros (250 ohm version ) are Amazon ($145) and B & H Photo ($13 (info@schiit.com)). 

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Schiit Vali + Schiit Modi + DT990 250 Ohm Pro. Go for it.

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