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For Sale or Trade:
SOLD: Tralucent Audio T1 portable reference amp of the gods and demons

Will Ship To: USA

For sale is a minty Tralucent T1 portable amp.  With its modest output gain I feel it is one of the better amps for efficient IEMs.  You want delicacy and texture?  Look no further.  If you want to power a small home, this is not your amp.  With its fidelity to the music the T1 is an excellent amp to allow the coloration to come mostly from your headphones.  Balances very well with warm IEMs.  I am relying on a single DAP solution rather than a source + amp rig so the T1 isn't being utilized.


Impressions can be found here...


No longer sold on Saturn or Venus, get one the few remaining ones available on Earth.


Willing to trade $$$ + T1 amp for your HD650

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