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Perhaps the question is dumb, but as a new user of Amarra Hi Fi it's not completely clear to me ...


When using Amarra Hi Fi with Audeze cans (in my case LCD3), should I select the EQ setting to "Audeze LCD2" under the assumption that the SQ is optimized for use with the Audeze line?


Or am I thinking of this totally wrong, in that the "Audeze LCD2" EQ setting is designed to mimic the sonic signature of the LCD2 when using non-Audeze cans?  For example, ones that have less bass presence.


I was thinking the former but when I set the EQ setting to "Audeze LCD2" what is most noticeable is a boost in bass.  Given that full, deep & well articulated bass is a known characteristic of the sound signature of Audeze I started to wonder why the EQ setting would further emphasize that rather than enhancing the mids and/or trebles.


If I'm making sense here please weigh in with your thoughts.  Thanks