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Nice work !! Please post us more of your experience on old TUBEs :wink: 

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I ordered full music gold pin with gold silkscreens from my local hifiman dealer - what a difference, like night and day comparing to not 'gold pin', it is completely different inside when you look inside the glass ... so I was right about it, it is low budget version which is now added as a stock tube to ef-5 so beware

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I haven't tried tube rolling yet on my newly acquired EF5, but I did swap out a few sets of interconnects to see if I could brighten the sound a bit. I ended up using a set of Straightwire Flexconnect II, a Stereophile Class B product a loonnnnngg time ago. So far, it sounds just right. Cables do make a difference.

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Originally Posted by inter voice View Post


If you have done some mods on EF-5 before please share your experience with us. 


Thanks for starting this thread, inter voice. How much of the modding (aside from tubes obviously) were quick swaps and how much involved breaking out the hot iron? Soldering I'm not keen on, but I plan on trying some of the simple and easily reversible mods on my EF5 soon.


Also, the plexi tube protectors look like a small hex/allen key is needed, but how to you unscrew to round hole screws on the plexi-plate and front of the amp? They look different.

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Nevermind question on round screws, I found out they are hex too, although it's hard to tell from looking at them.

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New EF5 owner checking in!

First impressions are excellent. Pairing wonderfully with my DacMagic 100 and HE500s with grill mod and focus pads.

When it was shipping to me I ordered NOS Westinghouse and RCA black plate tubes AND the OPA627.

Are there any other easily upgradable parts that I need to be aware of?
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