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interconnects (again)

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I'm getting my denon dcm 370 soon and I want to get a decent interconnect. What's good at under 50?
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Try homegrown audio ( cables if your system isn't that bright. Also look at MIT Terminators, perhaps MIT T4 or T3 at I've also wondered about the ZuCable disco which is at your price range,

Well those are the ones I can name off the top of my head.
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I'm partial to MITs.

You can get some T3s for about $50 for a meter.

AA has them for $54

They also have the XLO ER-5 for $50

Or the AudioQuest Copperhead for $50

AA is great. You can order all three and see which one you like best and return the rest. They have a great return policy.

Good luck!
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I get XLO interconnects from for 20-25% off retail. The XLO Twinax won some sort of award in Home Theater Mag, and XLO interconnects are rated well at But I don't care about all that. I buy them 'cause they're cheap and so am I.

I'm so cheap, when I was a freshman in college, I bought my friend and his chick 56 rolls of toilet paper for their wedding present. As it turned out, they had their marriage annulled two months later, so I guess maybe I spent too much on their present.
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XLO cables aren't very good.

Stick to what Bootman listed above.

I like MIT cables myself as they are the very best cables in the world, IMHO.

If you are a cheap bastard

MIT also makes a T4, T5, and T6 which cost less.
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