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I recently got myself a Dayton B652 with Lepai 2020 setup for my dorm room through the suggestion of a CNET article and /r/zeos. A friend of mine however has these Cyberacoustics CA-3908s ( I compared my setup with his using a song with an orchestral backdrop. His speakers sounded much more resonant and richer than the Dayton's, which sounded almost flat for the orchestral backdrop. I thought the problem was with the speakers, so I switched the Daytons for a pair of Micca B42xs, but I still get the same results. The micca's at the orchestral bit sounded similar to the Dayton's: they both sounded flat during the orchestral bit in comparison with my friend's CA-3908s. The opinion people seem to have of the Cyberacoustics in /r/audiophile aren't good. So how do the Cyberacoustics manage to produce a fuller sound than the micca's and dayton's? Could it be because of the sub?


My setup:

Micca B42x

Lepai Lp 2020a+ Amp


Friend's setup:

Cyber Acoustics CA-3908 speakers

Sub that comes with it