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Hey all,


I need to repair the wires in my TDK ST750 stereo headphones after they broke around the splitter, and I was hoping you guys could help me identify the components of it, as it uses a wiring format I've not seen before.


What happened was that the wire got snagged on an automatic door and severed right at the point where the wires connected to the jack split off into two constituent groups of wires going to each cup. The wires on the jack end of the cable are pretty standard, with one red wire and one green wire for the right and left channels, and one copper/red braided wire as the ground.  However, in the cables leading to each cup it gains a lot of wires.  Both the left and right cables have the same wire configuration: one red wire, one green wire, one blue wire, one copper-colored wire, and one copper/red braided wire.  Unfortunately the Y-splitter was too torn for me to figure out how TDK had these joined them to the jack wires, and now I'm sort of confused as to what belongs to what, and what I should be soldering.


Here's photos of the cup-ends compared to the jack end for reference:


Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.


Thanks again!