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Best AWEI brand earphones?

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So recently I had some klipsch s4aii because my awei s90vi earphones went dead, and ive got to say the awei s90vi earphones were WAY better then the klipsch, at least when it came to sound. They had way heavier, harder hitting bass then the klipsch, however with the klipsch i could change tracks on my android phone which was nice when I use a bike for transportation.

due to a accident one of the sides ripped out that connected to my ear and since I got them on ebay from a reseller the damage was not "refundable" so I got jibbed out of $42

anyways I was wondering if anyone here has used any other awei models and how you like them, cause im looking to get another pair of awei I just wish there was some that had track control for my android phone. 


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Will you tring ES900I, new product with this brand.

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You can get AWEI stuff (with a mic and buttons) for less than $15 all over the internet.


I'd hardly call them 'good', though.

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Try the wood Awei Q9. I really like them. Read the reviews on here.

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