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Tribeca wood headphones- Esmooth oems with mixed results

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I tried a few tribeca wood headphones. The 1st one I got- the "studio" impressed me enough to try the "performance" and the "aviator". These seem to be esmooth oems all the way.

I'll got from worst to best here:


1. The performance wood headphones is the smallest,-on ear type. The build is nice enough, wood cups, plastic headband, braided detachable cable. Sound is very bassy, slightly muddy, with recessed highs and mids. ok enough from a portable source, but thats it. 


2. The aviator is also on-ear but larger, metal headband, wood cups, detachable, braided cable. very sharp looking. much better sound than the small performance headphone. highs and mids are clear but the mid bass is very strong, and can overpower on bassy songs. Pretty much like a Sony xb500 or vmoda m100. Sounds nice from a portable source and would make most peeps happy in that role. 


3. The studio, much larger the the others, still on-ear due to pads design. Looks like an Audio Technica. Braided detachable cable with screw on adapter. very comfortable. Sound is very nice, clear highs and mids with no shrillness, bass is full and textured. Sounds like a wood headphone should. Sounds even better amped. My only gripe- driver flex occasionally when i put them on. If it wasnt for that, I would call these a home run, even at full price.  


Please keep in mind, i got these for great prices, for full pop I would recommend the Studio, maybe the Aviator, not the Performance.










the "performance"


the "Aviator"


the "Studio"

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Is the studio fullsize can? I assumed it's more like a large portable but it looks quite big in the first picture. If it's not too much trouble picture of studios and rx700 and momentum would give a good idea of it's size. :)


There are a lot of rebrands around so getting those for a good price is not a problem. Studios would make a good housing for more capable drivers but if those are too small I'll have to pass.

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here is a comparison photo with an rx700

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I tried the larger studios with some hm-5 earpads. definately around ear now, larger stage, slightly less bass. I might open these up soon to consider stronger drivers

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So, I got the Tribeca Studios from ourfpshero.  After blowing the drives to "unflex" them and putting HE-500 pads... these sound AMAZING!!!  Very musical, great sound stage, detailed (but very smooth), great rhythm and flow.  I am having a hard time reconciling how good they are for the price. 

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ESMOOTH, my lover finally arrived. share pictures with buddies……


got one via amazon. fast currier.

The rectangular shape is quite speical compared with common round ones.The seller convinced that rectangular wood headphone is much more diffcult that other shapes since it is easy to crack in processing.

I choose ebony. Dark makes calmness.

Wires are removable. Particularly, the connecting plug uses wood as well, a caring arrangement.

The sound seems quite well both the low and high bands. Just got it. More time required to the best condition.

Will come to talk more about the sound next time.

Pictures come……

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can post pictures……:confused:

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