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Logitech UE6000

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How do these headphones compare to other nice portable headphones? Are they more in the same league as Klipsch Image One, Creative Aurvana Live, etc. or are they better? Like Sennheiser Momentum, Bowers & Wilkins (p3 maybe?), Focal Spirit one? Or are they in the middle?

I just realized that they're going for $100 now, not $200, so I'm curious to see how good they are.
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Check out Tyll's review of them here:


I got them from Amazon and completely agree with his comments. They are neutral headphones, and as it turned out I wanted something different so I sent them back.

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He doesn't give any real comparisons though. I have read the review thoroughly.
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I personally found them too dark and a little bit sluggish. I also did not find them comfortable.

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I own the UE6000 and the CAL! The CAL! Has more boosted lower bass. The UE6000 has more upper bass, better vocals and smoother highs. The CAL! has more highs and sounds fresher.

The CAL! has much wider soundstage than the UE6000. The stereo separation is way better on the Logitech though and vocals sound more focused and not like they are everywhere on the CAL!

Overall the Logitech sounds much higher quality-like to me.

And if you want your ears to fall off you can turn on active mode on wink.gif Basically you have 2 headphones: one very smooth sounding and a boom-phone in active mode smily_headphones1.gif

I like my CAL! as well and won't sell it smily_headphones1.gif

smily_headphones1.gif EDIT: smily_headphones1.gif

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Originally Posted by djmuzi View Post

I own the UE6000 and the CAL! The CAL! Has more boosted lower bass.

Really? I found the UE6000 had significantly more prominent sub bass. The CAL! rolls off somewhat in the lower bass where as the UE6000 stays significantly flatter. Heck, let's keep it simple, my impression was the UE6000 has more bass, period. 

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oh I just read your review here :-) You don't like the UE6000 - OK it's your opinion, I have to respect it :) 

To my ears the UE6000 sounds better. The CAL! is more a fun-headphone. Only at the beginning I missed the treble on the CAL! Than I got used to the UE600 treble and that sounds better to me when comparing with the CAL! now.


:) EDIT 2: :)






hmmm compared to passive mode of UE6000 the CAL! sounds more bassy to me. When I play "Bass I Love You" the CAL! definitely more bass. :) Please switch of the noise cancelling on your UE6000 :)


+ I find the UE6000 very comfortable! It's not that light like the CAL! but the cushions dont hurt in any way at least small to mid size ears. I heard that the UE6000 is not made for large ears.

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Admittedly the CAL! has a bit more in the midbass around 80-100hz, but since you said "lower bass" I assume you meant the very deepest notes which the UE6000 clearly has more of in listening for me, and this is also supported by the measurements which makes it pretty much objective fact in my honest opinion:


I have average sized ears, the UE6000 just wasn't for me comfort wise. Comfort is very subjective, of course. 

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Yes I saw this frequency response and it is like they should sound very similar in the bass department but to my ears they don's... It's like the CAL! has a Loudness signature ... I will listen to "Bass I Love You" again 





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they are $80ish now. when were they officially discontinued? just curious

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I love the CAL, it's a tremendous value. And it is a very "fun" sound. I don't think it matches the technical prowess of the UE, as the UE6000 is easily more detailed and clarity is superb, despite such a warm sound. That's kinda hard to find, usually a subdued treble means "veiled" but the UE6000 pulls it off rather well. The CAL definitely seems more colored and artificial. But that's not a bad thing. It's biggest letdown is lack of isolation and flimsy build quality, pads are also really small (for me). UE as a total package was good value at $200, and at current prices it's a steal IMO. Although CAL belongs to a group of headphones I'll never ever get rid of, like the m50s and porta pros.
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Now I checked the UE6000 against the CAL! and my opinion didn't change:


I listened to "Charly Rodriguez -Me Enamore" which has a hard kicking disco- bass and "Basstronics - Bass I Love You" with very deep basslines.


So the UE6000 reproduces all frequencies but the CAL! sounds more bassy with more forceful bass on both songs. In the first song the CAL! kicks harder and on the second song the CAL! produces the low bassline more pronounced even when the melody kicks in; On the UE6000 the bassline goes to the background when melody goes. 


I can't explain it when I look at the frequency responses of both headphones. Maybe the UE6000 has stronger mids that doesn't allow the bass to be that pronounced like on the CAL! Another possible explanation is that the CAL! can reproduce bass more detailed and doesn't allow the mids to cancel the bass response....



Maybe  @ HeretixAevum can explain this behavior better..? Please :)



And yes, my CAL! will never go (until it's broken, then I'll get the CAL!2 when price comes down)






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I've been listening to the CAL! a lot lately myself.  Really a fun headphone which will never leave my collection.

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OK now I know why i have different perception on weaker bass on the UE6000!!!

The bass response strongly depends on the pressure of the headphone against your head!

I have a small head, so the pressure of the earcups is not too big. When I push against the earcups I can hear a stronger bass response!

Ot top of that I (unfortunately) wear glasses, so the seal is not 100% so a I sacrifice a bit more bass :(

Oh yes with and without glasses bass is night and day !!!


So the bass on the UE6000 is highly dependent of your head size and pressure against  the head :-/


Now I have a UE6000 with more tiny bass with my small head and glasses :) I have to wear lenses or lie on the couch without glasses LOL


No problems with the UE4000 and CAL! though!


What is the problem that UE6000 is more snesitive to sealing and pressure and CAL! not??

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