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So I was able to sell my m50's for a decent profit and also found a pretty awesome deal on the new limited edition M50x's on ebay so I bought them. I thought I'd do a little amateur overview and comparison of it to the older model. 



The box is different. Easier to open then the previous model, if that's worth anything to you. 



Its packaged pretty efficiently and securely. No fuss packaging. 





It comes with 3 cables. A short straight, long straight, and coiled. Also comes with a carrying pouch. 



Something I wanted to know more about was the profile of the new 3.5 mm connectors. They seem to be slimmer than the m50's. The short straight cable's plug is even smaller than the other two. I can finally plug it into my phone with it's case on. Definitely something to note. The spring strain relief and metal cover is gone. The 6.5 mm adapter screws on to the larger cables but only snaps onto the small cable. 


short straight (left), long straight (center), coiled (right)




The end that connects to the headphone is proprietary and locks into place. It will not fall out, unless twisted. 




The ear pads do feel noticeably softer and more "plush". It might be because my m50's pads were getting hard and I had never replaced them but nonetheless, they are softer. I feel like they also clamp a little less than the m50's did when they were new, but I'm not sure. There are a few holes in the inner side of the ear pads to let the air escape from the pads, I'm assuming. 




The sound: 

I just got them so they haven't been burned in. They don't sound the same as the m50's right now, but they probably will because the drivers are the same. 


The Look:

These limited edition M50x's do have a pretty unique color combo. I don't know if I like them more than the stealth look of the black m50's but they are definitely unique. If you will be wearing these in public a lot and somewhat care about how you look to others, I suggest getting another color.  


Changes from the m50:


- Detachable cable

- Softer ear pads

- Color

- Price 

- Box



Should you "upgrade" from your current m50's to the new ones? 


Probably not. It depends on your needs and wants. 



Thanks for reading. Sorry about the picture quality; I had to use my phone. Feel free to ask any questions, criticize my post, or suggest improvements. 




UPDATE: After using these for a while and burning them in, they sound very similar to the M50's. However, these do have more bass. I don't know if my old M50's were defective but I can definitely tell. Not that my old M50's didn't have bass, but these have more. Also, the are slightly more comfortable for longer use and don't seem to heat up as much.  

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