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New AK240 Owners

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quite a step up from ipod to 240!

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I've had my AK240 for a couple of days and find it almost perfect. I've been an iPod user for about 10 years.The AK240's sound, UI and build quality are exemplary. I've was hesitant to purchase any DAP, other than an Apple, considering all the nightmares others have had with competing DAPs. So far it far exceeds my expectations. The only problems I have is using it as a DAC with my MacBook Pro. It's listed in the System Preferences Sound panel. I see it in the Audio Midi utility but I have no output to my headphones. Possibly related, the AK240's line out option doesn't seem to work. Volume remains controlled by the volume control. Anyone else having this problem or have a solution? I really don't even want to think about sending it back considering how many hoops I had to jump through to get iRiver to finally ship it to me. 
Have you switched it to dac in the pull down menu, when hooking up to laptop? Also make sure the balenced is turned off.
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when u witch to the lineout mode, turn the volume knob, u will get a reminder on the screen asking u to confirm if thats what u really want, confirm it, then its lineout. i think this reminder thing is very necessary because when using the line out mode this device is at its loudest volume, if u still have ur earphones on,.it could do serious harm to ur hearing
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