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For Sale: Pico DAC/AMP [Price Reduced]

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For Sale:
Pico DAC/AMP [Price Reduced]

Will Ship To: CON US

For sale is Pico DAC/AMP in perfect operating condition (full strength battery) and excellent cosmetic condition.  The color is grey blue.  Please see photo for the cosmetic condition.  Only a couple of minor scratches on one side from sliding in and out of the leather case.


Includes leather case and charger. I'm also throwing in a USB A-male mini-B-male connector, for direct connection to PC. This will definitely provide the BEST sound from a PC.


I am the third owner.  I bought this amp from Head-Fi user Raif on Feb. 10th.  According to Raif, the first owner owned this amp for a few months, Raif owned it for ~6 months.  I have now owned it for about 1 month.  The total age is roughly ~1.5 years.  Before Raif received the amp, it was checked by Head Amp and was given a clear bill of health.


$225 including shipping with CON US and Paypal.

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Hi do you ship internationally, like Malaysia?

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How long a bit depth can the DAC section do? 24/96? 

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Yes, 24/96.


Thank you for your interest.



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Thanks! I couldn't find any info about that around. Now it's time to raise some fund... 

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AFAIK the Pico up samples to 24/96, only accepts up to 16/48.
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thank you for the correction.  After further research, I stand corrected.


The DAC accepts 16/44 or 16/48, but upsamples to 24/96.




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Thanks for the correction! 

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