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Hey guys weird thing going on with my setup that I can't figure out. The right channel just cuts out, one time I could hear crosstalk between channels, when I was trying to isolate the device in question. First I swapped the inputs coming out of the DAC, R channel still out. One time I could faintly hear the L channel in the R one but now I'm thinking that was more likely sound leakage from the open design. At this point I unplugged my headphones and plugged them into my iphone, R channel still out.


I have a pair of HE-400 cans (1yr old) with a Lyr and behringer UCA202 DAC running OSX 10.9.2.


So I email hifiman and they want $80 shipping paypal'ed for the warranty claim. I put away the cans, and recently came back to them, pluged them into my imac and they work fine. I just plugged them into my Lyr and they work fine. This cycle keeps repeating it self. Usually the R channel will cut out when I raise the volume from a lower level to about 40%, I can hear static as I move the pot and they cut. Other times I just hear a little static then they cut with no volume adjustment. After they cut when I plug them into a different device they don't work. They over time they spontaneously work again. When the R channel cuts I then swapped the plugs from the cable and the issue is still with the R channel of the can.


Any idea what's going on? I've tried shaking and tapping them, no change. Literally as I was typing the last sentence the R channel went out again. Any ideas?