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For Sale: [Sydney, AUS] Used SE846

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For Sale:
[Sydney, AUS] Used SE846

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

Dear fellow Aussie Head-Fiers,


I have many used gears (mostly IEMs) that I would like to sell locally in Sydney (prefer pick up at a City train station). I no longer have the original box for any of these items.


  • Sony MDR-EX1000: these were purchased from MusicaAcoustics around the time when they were first released. They were purchased used and in fair condition (they have a small chip in the paint and a small scratches). The IEM (which is the Japanese version) comes with two cables: the short cable which still works, and a long cable which only works on one side (this will be included in case you want to used the proprietary termination for recabling). As such, you will most likely want to buy a cheap cable extension or recable the IEMs (e.g. http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/e-earphone/item/10005210/ or http://item.rakuten.co.jp/e-earphone/10005210). The original leather case and some Sony Hybrid tips will be included. $OLD.
  • Etymotic ER-4P: these are quite old (body of the IEM is glossy unlike the newer more matte housings and the filter is metal not plastic) but still in good condition (expect some wear). I purchased them (used) from eBay a few weeks ago. I have changed the cable to the newer cable (braided above the Y-splitter). It comes with the plastic Etymotic box with foam insert, carrying pouch, replacement filters, a filter replacement tool, tips, some paperwork, etc. I will also include the Ety-to-Shure adaptors from eBay seller awwan, but these never really worked for me. $OLD.
  • Etymotic MC2: these are in good condition with almost no signs of usage. The remote (one button variety) works on my Windows Phone and should also work on Android phones. You get a carry pouch, tips, replacement filters and a filter replacement tool. NO LONGER FOR $ALE.
  • Phonak Audeo PFE012: these (black) PFEs have been upgraded with black filters (unfortunately, one of them is inserted the wrong way - you can probably take it out with blu tac or a needle - but as is, it has little/no negative impacts on the sound I have rectified this). There is a minor scratch on one of the sides. $OLD.
  • Brainwavz R3: these were opened from the box only a few days ago and are like new. They come with the originals tips, carry case and a couple of adaptors. $OLD.
  • VSonic GR07 Bass Edition: these were purchased from lendmeurears about 4 months ago. The housings are like new but the cable shows a little sign of wear. These come with a leather pouch, ear guides, and some of the original tips. $OLD.
  • FiiO E12 Mont Blanc: this is practically brand new and comes with the USB/charging cable, carry case and amp straps. $OLD.
  • FiiO E17 Alpen: this portable amp and DAC combo was babied and then dropped on concrete once (so it has a few minor scratches around the frame). It comes with a USB/charging cable, carry pouch, amp straps and adaptors. $OLD.



  • Ostry KC06A: practically brand new. Everything included. I'm just annoyed with the memory characteristic of the cable. $OLD.
  • UE900: still in good condition (no scratches), slight fading of the 'R' on the right connector of the blue cable. This version has a red/brown filter in the nozzle. I am not 100% sure but I believe this version is the one that Rin Choi first took measurements for. Comes with blue (wih remote) and black (without remote) cable, a complementary cable purchased from eBay (silver-coated copper, I believe) and terminated in a Ranko Acoustics 3.5 mm jack, tips, carry case, etc. The black cable I have not yet used. NO LONGER FOR $ALE.
  • Aurvana IE3: this dual balanced-armature IEM is in very good condition (like new). I have discarded most of the packaging. It comes with tips and the original carry case (leather is a litle bit scratched, but is perfectly functional). NO LONGER FOR $ALE.
  • Westone 3: practically brand new, still have all the tips and accessories (no box). $OLD.
  • Shure SE846: like new condition, used for a few months. Selling to fund another hobby. Originally purchased from Minidisc. Still have box and all accessories. This is the Japanese (white box) edition. $1000


I also have a FiiO X1 (silver) for available if anyone is interested.


You can get to me by replying to this Head-Fi ad or the corresponding GumTree ad (http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/sydney-city/audio/vsonic-gr07-bass-edition-iem-earphone-/1041204558). I am willing to do some trades, or if you are interested in any other items in my profile, you can also contact me. However, I can only do local pickups in Sydney (I accept cash only).


Pictures will be uploaded shortly and progressively.


Happy listening! :)

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Definitely no postage? 

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Shipping is a possibility, and I would probably prefer a bank deposit over PayPal... but I definitely prefer purchases/trades in person. Shipping overseas is probably expensive (I'm guessing around $30USD). Buyer pays shipping.

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Should've told me you were selling GR07s :)

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Why you sell EX-1000 :'(

It was so loved!

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PM Incoming!

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