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HD800 + HDVD800

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Who have tried HD800 + HDVD800, How about this combination? 

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Nah, it wasn't very good.
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It was great, but can be bettered. As usual YMMV......

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The difference between the combo and unamped was that the combo sounded like two HD800's and an STD. You gotta take the bad with the good.
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Actually, the LCD3 sounded better with the HDVD800.
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I own the hdvd800 and the hd 800. The amp and headphone is a killer combo. Now the dac in the hdvd800 is ok to nothing great . But a good start . With my offramp or AP1/PP THE Combo is much better. For whatever reason some people here just dislike the hdvd600 or 800. PM me if you wish to ask me questions . Or in the open forums .

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any common on HD650+HDVD800??? Can HD650 be fully driven???

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someone told me if you got the money for HD800+HDVD800, you'd better save that money for STAX 009 system

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I can vouch the amp is the best or one of the best
For the hd800 cans. The DAC in the hdvd800 is ok as well but greatly improves with a
AP1/PP or offramp 5.
But given the cost and looking for an endgame rig
I would get the hdvd 600 and a DAC you like. Balanced is a must for headphones
And DAC. My comment regarding the stax is based
On a MyTek DAC or msb and the above headphone rig as compared
To a stax. 009. I would do the hd rig and save plenty if money
Ask me questions and I will give you my perspective from an owner point of view
Not a reviewer.
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