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Im currently about to buy a new pair of headphones, my current ones are a pair of sennheiser hd407, pretty much the cheapest i could get my hands on at the time, yet the sound was pretty good considering the price.

Now tho i would like to step up a bit, my budget is around 170-200$ (i think, i live in denmark), as the topic says, i have been looking at the DT770 and the Custom One Pro's, currently leaning towards the DT770, but would love some feedback from people who might own either of the pair.

Im gonna be using them as my main headphones, that means listning to music, gaming and watching movies, from what i have been able to read, the DT770 would be an excellent choice for that, but again, would still love a little advice/feedback.

Im using a Nuforce Udac-2 that i bought quite a while ago, not exactly the most high end thing, but fit my purpose :), specs says it should be able to handle up to 300 impedance, so no problem running the Custom One Pros or the DT770 80 or 250 ohm (hopefully).

Looking for overall good sound, good isolation as i live in a apartment building that can be quite noisy at times, able to use the headphones with glasses, why i have been keeping to on ear headphones, but on ear doesnt really have the same isolation as over the ear.

Thanks in advance