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Comfortable IEMs for ~$200?

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Hello I am trying to choose IEMs as a present for a person has who never owned high-quality headphones.


The main requisites are:


1) Immediately noticeable SQ improvement over stock Apple stuff (this one is easy).

2) Very comfortable for small ears, easy to wear for long periods of time + in the gym / while running.

3) Detachable cable (so if it breaks it's easy to fix).

4) Does not need amplification.




a) Cable includes microphone or there is an option to get third-party /extra cable with microphone

b) Nice design




Music preferences are wide electronic and instrumental (more on the jazz/rock side of things).


Budget is  <= $200 


Really appreciate your suggestions. 

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I think the Westone UM2 is a good option, I can personally say that this was one of my favorite IEM's.  I'm sure that you can find a pair around $200 if you looked around.

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Looks like Westone's are more like $240-250 on ebay. thanks though!

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Originally Posted by ZzBOG View Post

Looks like Westone's are more like $240-250 on ebay. thanks though!

Oh man, I guess you were too late, there was a point where they were as low as $200.  Maybe the Shure SE215/315 but i cant say I know of many IEM's with detachable cables around the 200 mark.

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I suggest the Vsonic GR07. You can get it here for $130 with free shipping:


It's rated a lot better than the SE215. Here's a comparison from a forumer who has both:
I have both and the Shure don't even come close. The SE 215 are good for what they are, fun headphones for people that want a warm, not critical listening. They are outclassed by the V Sonics on pretty much everything, is not even a contest. In fact, they are not the best in their price bracket, and in fact even headphones that are cheaper, like the Dunu's Landmine, are better. Of course, personal preference plays a huge part in our selection, and you might prefer the Shure's sound signature. So they are not better but you might end up enjoying them more.
Only thing is the GR07 doesn't have detachable cables.
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For just 29 more bux You can give someone the most comfiest universal IEMs... Sony MDR 7550


Here's my impression on those Sony 7550...

(whoever you gonna give it to is seriously gonna be blown away!  Especially going from apple bud to real serious & balanced IEM)


The first thing I noticed was I could hear both the bass and sub-bass. Clarity was on a whole new level compared to everything I tried before. I could hear every detail in the music. (Sorry for buzzwords... but it does sound good). I'm assuming the bass and sub-bass are more audible since the treble is recessed a bit (for safety reasons), but everything can be heard loud and clear. The MDR-7550 has a thin and long rubber cable, which doesn't seem to tangle, and very flexible and non-irritant material memory wire at the top. The cable is detachable as well. Stock tips are Sony hybrid tips, and they fit well, since the MDR-7550 doesn't really go deep into your ears, but instead rests near the opening, while still providing a good seal. I'm still playing around with the memory wire to get a better fit, but _no microphonics at all_ with the memory wire there. I can barely even feel the IEMs are in my ears, other than the memory wire resting on my ears. Sony MDR 7550 is THE most comfortable IEMs i've owned, even without Comply tips.



Free shipping


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Go old school and get a UE Super.fi 5 PRO or Triple.fi 10. I'd recommend the 5 pros if you have smaller ears like you said, durable with a detachable cable. Great sound for the money.


Otherwise the Shure SE115m is comfy and has a lot of bass and is cheap. But no detachable cable :<

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