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For Sale: Custom Audio Technica ATH-ES10

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Custom Audio Technica ATH-ES10

Will Ship To: Anywhere

So these are up for grabs again.




Because I have found my end-game in the ATH-W1000. They simply outclass my ES10 at everything by far. And now I'd like to save up to purchase an amp/DAC setup that will compliment the W1000. Plus I don't even use my portable headphones that often anymore.


Also dropping the price because the ESW9 ear pads are no longer included with these. My pair has deteriorated so much that they aren't good anymore. These will come with the ESW11 ear pads.


I have had a lot of fun with these. They are easily the best portable headphone to my ears, outclassing even the Ultrasone Edition 8. Some are inclined to disagree as they might think these are not any different compared to the stock ES10, but let me assure you: they are very different compared to the stock ES10. They sound more like ESW9 with better bass and overall refinement. To a certain extent, they are also comparable to the ESW10

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Wow, these look absolutely beautiful. Like the ES9W evolved.

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Ah well, I have decided to keep these for good, seeing as they'll be a good reference point for my future mods.


Thanks for the interest, folks!

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Reopening listing. After much deliberation, I have decided to let these go again.


I've also dropped the price to sweeten the deal for anyone looking for that ultimate portable headphone.

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They look like great cans... you put your heart and soul into them. Maybe you should keep them for reference. You are clearly very proud of all you have achieved with them and it is to be commended.

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Yes, sir!
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