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Originally Posted by JustinDT View Post

Honestly, as crazy as this sounds, I like the way my 598s better. They are a lot more comfortable and lighter.

Okay, thanks. (I thought it was just me.)

Wearing the LCD-2s does take commitment.

If you're happy with the 598s stay with them. They're highly regarded around here. My old 595s were my "go to cans" for just about everything. I''m hoping my 598s will take their place.

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I've got the HD580's which have been said to have the identical drivers as the HD600 and I can attest to its very clean, balanced, revealing, and wide sound signature.  I would recommend the 580 but they have been discontinued, which is a shame cause they were they definition of "value".

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I agree. The 580's were a wonderful headphone. Mine broke down eventually where the lead connects into the cups and I could never get the connection back again once it went.

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Sounds like I need to sell my LCD-2s and pick up the 650s. Thanks all for the comments!

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Seems such a shame. The LCD's are often reported to be excellent.

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They're just too heavy for me to really enjoy them. 

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Originally Posted by iancraig10 View Post

Seems such a shame. The LCD's are often reported to be excellent.


I was so underwhelmed by the LCD2's. Like, I went in, totally ready to drop some coin on headphones, but went home empty handed. I'll say the HD650s were the first ones that really impressed me. Significantly more than the LCD2s. 

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I am very, very new to quality headphones and just joined head-fi today, so take my comments with a grain of salt.  I purchased the HD558, HD598 and HD650 to use with a Xonar STX PC sound card.  The 558's were a bit sloppy in the bass but oh so comfortable.  The 598's were very detailed with less bass than the 558's.  The 650's are perfect.  I did notice that they are not as comfortable as the 598's due to the clamp force being a bit higher, but the pads are very soft and help ease the pressure a bit.  I think with time they will stretch a bit (from what I have read that is true) but they are by no means uncomfortable.  I wear them with glasses and haven't noticed any fatigue after many nights with several hours each night with them.  The 650 definitely has more bass than the 598 and the sound is just so lush.  Again, I am very new so I do not have the vernacular or experience of others around here but I know what I like and I am very happy with the 650's.  I have returned the other two headsets (thank you Amazon return policy).


Also, I picked up the 650's as an open box on amazon and paid less for them than a set of 600's, so deals are out there.


Good luck!

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I haven't had my 598's very long but I really wish I could listen to a direct comparison between the 598's and the 650's. I find that listening to classical pieces at least the mid's and high's of the 598's are outstanding. When I want to listen to something more in the pop-range of genre's I find myself moving away from them. Would love to have a pair of 598's and 650's to use together depending on the genre (I was lucky and received the 598's as payment for some sound work so I don't mind buying another set of cans to go with these).

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