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Just a quick hello from me upon joining.

I've been reading bits and pieces here over the last few days and signed up so I can respond to some of the for sale ads.


I'm only starting on the journey so far with an order of DT990 250ohm on the way and some amplification research happening now.



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Hello! And hah, I think you're doing just dang fine in terms of journey. Lotta folks around here consider an amped up pair of DT990's all they need!

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Hello arrbee,

   I too, just joined.. Welcome & Hello All! lol

I've been visiting Head-Fi for quite some time now & I just ordered my first set (Superlux HD668B) of headphones & I look forward to learning all I can here.. there's just so much info here to learn!

          Later, Phil B

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Thanks guys. :)


The Littledot amp I wanted to buy in the classifieds sold quicker than I could act, so it's back to the drawing board for amps.

I've put up a seperate thread to ask for recommendations.



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