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First of i would like to say hello to everyone on the forum! :beerchug: 

I've been viewing the forum for a while but every question I've had i have always found an answer to it so never bothered to make an account...

Anyway, i have always preferred iem's over any other types of ear/headphone and i still do (i think its the sound isolation and how well they stay in your ear). i used to only listen to hip-hop / Rap music but as ive got older ive opened my mind to other genres of music such as prog rock, rock , metal, punk.

coming from hip-hop i like a strong bass in my iem, my first above average set of iem's was a pair of ibeats that came with my phone followed by a pair of urbeats. At the time i thought they sounded great but now i realize that the bass just muddied everything. So, my ibeats finally broke and i spent a lot of time searching for a replacement set of iem's. my criteria was a strong bass, but still clear sounding, a flat cable and really nice looking buds, also a right angle cable was a bonus but not essential.

i ended up buying the Soul sl99's because they sounded like exactley what i was looking for but i was worried about them being exacley like the beats, a iems that has bass and nothing else but the reviews i read said they were surprised on the quality, and i agree they are a lot better then my beats BUT...

They feel really cheap and plasticy also they are huge! i wear my iem's as deep into my ear canal as possible and these still seem like they stick out alot, plus they are really wide so ache my ears after a while, the urbeats were a nice size, i could lay in bed (sideways) and they were small enough to not cause any problems but there is no way i can lay sideways with my sl99's they put far too much pressure on my ears and is very uncomfortable. 


sorry about the life story i just want to provide as much info as possible i just wanted to explain what i like and don't like.

Basicly i am after a new pair of iem's that look good, have a flat cable (Microphonics do not bother me at all), have a good amount of bass (sub bass) but are not muddy and still have clarity. also have a quality look / feel


here is what i have been considering:

  • Wooduo 2
  • xb90ex - looks like they stick out a lot
  • xba-h1 - a bit worried about size, have heard they are rather big
  • velodyne vPulse - not so easy to get in the uk


so you can kind of see what styles i like any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
i do not class myself as a audiophile(yet), so i dont FULLY understand sound signatures and all the technical terms but i am doing alot of research into it all :normal_smile :

Again sorry for the long post...:frown:



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