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For Sale:
Kimber Kable USB 0.5m (B bus cable)

Will Ship To: North America

0.5m - I used it with my HRT Music Streamer II DAC.


Kimber Kable's B BUS cable uses copper conductors with an unusually thick 6.1% silver plating to enhance conductivity and signal support. The largest gauge conductors possible under USB specifications are used for both the signal and power conductors.

The B BUS is terminated with a USB A-type connector on one end, and a B-type connector on the opposite end.
Unusually heavy 6.1% silver-plated signal conductors
Maximum gauge (per USB spec) signal and power conductors
Nitrogen-infused polyethylene (PE) dielectric
Ferrite noise reduction beads on each end of the cable


$25 shipped anywhere in North America.  Price dropped March 21.


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