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Z623 in car

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It's a truck, actually... but anyway, I decided to put the 200 watt speakers in there because i haven't been using my desktop recently. Here's the strange part, though: they run just fine on a 100 watt inverter. How much power do these speakers actually use?

That said, the lows are smoother/deeper and the highs are clear... AND they are $850 cheaper than my current system. Huh.
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If you look at Logitech's website, their wattage is rated at 10% THD. Most pro audio, home theather products, and powered monitors are rated at around 0.1% THD or lower.


Familiarize yourself with a THD curve:


The product above is officially rated at 140 Watts/channel at 0.004% THD by the manufacturer. Obviously they could rate it at 3% THD and claim its 300 Watts/channel as well. The curve stops at 300 watts but as you can imagine, they could have kept turning it up and measuring output at 10% THD and come up with a very high number.

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