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For Sale: Fiio X3, near mint

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For Sale:
Fiio X3, near mint

Will Ship To: CONUS

Fiio X3. Used to listen to (no kidding) < 10 songs. Was "going" to be my portable player until I switched from iPhone to Android (Galaxy Note 3). Now I listen to my Vsonic GR07 IEMs through the Galaxy. The Fiio X3 player sounds great and holds an enormous amount of FLAC files when you add the 64GB card.




Comes with everything in the picture which was everything in the original box:

Fiio X3 player

Silicon case

Screen protectors (2x unused)

USB charger cable

RCA output cable

Owners manual

Warranty card




Shipping is to CONUS only, no where else


Works great, plays great and you can see by the pics, looks like new (I still have the anti-static bag it came in)


Price includes shipping via Fedex, but you must buy insurance if you wish



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I'll speak for it. PayPal funds on the way! -Randy
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Super - already got the payment. I'll Fedex out in the morning tomorrow. Will send tracking too. It will be insured for full amount.


You'll love it as it's literally a new machine in an open box!



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Just noticed you are in Idaho Falls . . . I was just out there (SLC) touring stores with the Maverik Convenience Store team. Beautiful country! Took this pic as we lifted off from SLC using my phone . . . 

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Way neat picture -- makes me a little homesick for Utah.  My avatar is a selfie taken from a plane over SLC.  Your view was to my immediate left probably.  lol  I am from Salt Lake, but live in Rexburg, ID and work in Idaho Falls.  Maverik is a near-daily stop for me for the caffeine fix. 


Looking forward to having a listen.  I currently use a Rockbox-ed Clip Zip.  I noticed the DAC in my laptop sounds much different/better than the output of the Clip Zip, and I realized I was missing something -- wanted to upgrade a little.  (Isn't that what dooms all of us?)  Ignorance was bliss.

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