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I am building an office Hifi and looking for help on audio components. My current setup is Win7 with Jriver to xitel dac to older Rotel integrated amp powering some ads bookshelfs. I looking to improve one component at a time or make improvements in a group. I do spend some time listening to headphones but most time in office I am listening through the speakers.

I tried out a Halide HD Dac and really liked the sound. The fact that it comes with quality usb and RCA cables is a nice feature.

One of my other considerations is getting a Peachtree idecco. A used Decco can be had for about the same money as the Halide and combines the power amp section. Only thing I need is a a good usb to spdif bridge.

Does anyone have any comparisons between the the Halide and Peachtree (which I've never heard)???

I don't necessarily need to give up the Rotel so soon but if I can get similar SQ from the Decco, this may be the better move.

btw, most of my files are flac files played back at 24/44.1. I haven.t really gotten into the HD tracks yet....rolleyes.gif
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