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Hey guys, I am on the prowl for a new amp. I have the Fiio E6 right now and it works fine but  charging it gets annoying and it always dies at the worst times. Couple that with it never leaves my desk and there is no need for a portable amp. My current setup is...


Creative SB1240

Vsonic GR04 Flagship super duper pro editions.

Fiio E6.


I use the line out on the creative because the internal headphone amp is honestly a waste of space, it sounds muffled and cluttered IMO. I am NOT looking to replace the sound card though, I use it for many other things. What would you guys say in the under $100 range or close to it. I would prefer solid state, tube amps are cool but I just want it to always work. I am thinking about getting the GR01s in the future as well should that matter.